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With the increasing need for better water and stormwater management practices the need for improved systems has become evident. Increasing population and urbanization has created the need for the ability to direct and store not only peak stormwater flow, but also to divert water to prevent erosion and provide for water treatment, as well as harvesting stormwater for irrigation and ground water restoration.

While a variety of systems have existed for many years, they tend to have been adapted from existing systems that have been modified in their usage. Still others provide only temporary, short term lifespans that require high maintenance or periodic replacement. There is an ever-present need to provide a system that not only meets the water management needs, but also provides a low impact, low maintenance, and high strength solution. Envirokeeper is that system.

Envirokeeper is a modular precast, pre-engineered, reinforced concrete in-ground detention, retention, harvesting, and infiltration system designed for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact. It is available in a variety of widths, and heights up to 16 feet. Because it is manufactured in plant controlled conditions, it allows for simultaneous construction of the modules and the site work, reducing overall construction time. It also allows for higher quality concrete, tighter tolerances, and better finish quality.


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